Thursday, February 13, 2014

@CUNTMAFIA [Contessa Stuto & Quay Dash] A capella Feb. 2014 for Time Spent x True Laurels

Contessa Stuto & Quay Dash
represent @CUNTMAFIA
 premiered on TRUE LAURELS (full story here)

     The setting is at Cherrybomb NYC's location @THEFLATBKNY and the two bad bitches is #CUNTMAFIA'S Contessa Stuto & Quay Dash. The film is on VHS and captured in only a two minute opening between the bars DJ's sets.

    Excerpts from Contessa Stuto's "CUNTMAFIA" anthem (2012, the remixed 2014 version coming soon) and Quay Dash's upcoming track "POP TRIGGAZ"(2014)

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